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“The best decision we made was for our
teachers to be trained in iheart”

Rani Chahal, Assistant Head Behavioural Specialist, Bromley Beacon Academy 

Level 1:
Whole School Approach

Designed as a hands-on introductory course to help all those within a school who work with young people, this training is suitable for teachers, senior leaders, administration staff and teaching assistants. Participants learn to uncover their own innate capacity for wellbeing and resilience in order to manage stress, time pressures and challenging circumstances within the educational profession.

The course can be run in one school for up to 30 staff or can be attended by the same number of people from multiple schools across a multi academy trust.

Topics covered include:

  • The true source of stress, anxiety and other feelings
  • The relationship between feelings and thoughts
  • Pressure and deadlines
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour of pupils and others
  • Managing our own behaviour
  • Responding vs Reacting
  • Listening and Communication
  • Relationships with colleagues, pupils & parents / guardians

After completing this course, participants will be able to better:

  • Deal with the many demands placed on them in the field of education
  • Navigate personal and professional challenges with more confidence, wellbeing and resilience
  • Manage feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Handle difficult situations and conversations with pupils and colleagues
  • Recover quicker from setbacks and disappointments
  • Access more peace of mind and clarity at work and home
  • Experience the joy and passion of working with young people
  • Understand the core principles behind the iheart approach and their relevance and application to everyday life

Course duration: 8 weeks
Consisting of weekly 90-minute twilight sessions at a host school site

Course duration: 8 weeks

Consisting of weekly 90-minute twilight sessions at a host school site

Graduates receive:

Resilience and Wellbeing Certificate

Next steps:

+ Eligibility to progress to Level 2 -Curriculum Certification for School Teachers (see page 13)
+ Bring the iheart programme to the pupils of your own school (see pages 16/17)
+ Learn about the iheart approach in more depth to experience the practical benefits of this understanding for themselves

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