Terry Rubenstein on World Mental Health Day

In light of World Mental Health Day, here is a personal message from Terry Rubenstein, Co-Founder of iheart and best selling author on #WMHD.

Here at iheart we have a vision where all young people learn to access their innate wellbeing and potential, empowering them to become resilient adults and contributing members of society. This will lead to a paradigm shift so that society – in particular key fields such as education, youth work and mental health – recognises what constitutes true, sustainable mental health.

We are on a mission to help all people uncover their built-in resilience and potential by educating them about their innate mental health and wellbeing.

If you would like to bring the iheart programme to your educational institution please get in touch.

Click below to watch a message from Terry Rubenstein

10 October 2019

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