Our Mental Health Crisis Solution

How about this for a staggering statistic? 

1 in 6 young people aged 11–16 years had a probable mental disorder during the 2020 UK lockdown period. This is an increase from 1 in 9, just three years ago (Mental Health Survey for Children and Young People, 22 October 2020; commissioned by the ONS).

This Mental Health Crisis Demands a Solution. 

Introducing the title for iheart’s upcoming 36-hour fundraising Campaign on November 29th and 30th. Because there is indeed a mental health crisis facing our youth. It demands a solution – and iheart has one which is working: educating our children and young people, through the iheart Resilience Programme, that ‘we have everything we need inside us, regardless of our circumstances.’

For us, this is not a mantra or a motivational line. For us, it is a psychological fact. The entire iheart programme for young people teaches the fundamental, life-changing idea that no-one and no-thing – not even a global pandemic with all its implications – can take away our wellbeing. That’s because wellbeing, mental health and resilience is an inside job – always! 

At a time when lockdown has returned for so many of us in the UK and Europe, when there is so much uncertainty swirling around the world and challenging our prevailing assumptions – whether it concerns physical health, economic stability, or political leadership – it is crucial that we share this profoundly hopeful iheart educational message with as many of our youth as possible. 

We all need hope during these tumultuous times – especially our children. Despite the crippling restrictions of the global pandemic, our programme still reached over 2,000 young people and 350 teachers/educators, globally over the past six months. But without the funds to reach and support more young people – and to continue to innovate through online programmes that circumvent the lockdown limitations – we simply cannot give them the hope and confidence to learn to uncover there innate wellbeing and resilience that each and every one of them possess. And it is that hope and confidence which will help guide them through the challenging and uncertain times ahead.

24 November 2020

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