iheart Impact Continues to Grow

Innate Health becomes one with iheart as the impact of the iheart programme continues to grow rapidly

The recent tremendous growth, impact and success of the iheart programme has led to the decision to merge Innate Health with iheart.

iheart is thinking big when it comes to addressing the huge challenges our community faces regarding mental health and resilience. iheart stands for Innate Health Education and Resiliency Training, so it makes a lot of sense to bring all of our educational programmes and offerings under the single iheart umbrella.

We know there is a mental crisis within society; a new, devastating statistic seems to emerge almost every day. Many vulnerable people are in need of help and we are hugely passionate about sharing the Innate Health understanding across society, especially to our young people. We have a solution that works: a revolutionary approach to understanding the built-in mental health residing within all human beings.

In the space of ten very short months, the impact and growth of iheart has been remarkable. 750 young people across a variety of educational settings have participated in the programme while over 100 practitioners and teachers have been trained as certified iheart facilitators. New areas of delivery continue to emerge: the programme has been successfully run in a premiership football academy, in a London university, as well as in numerous secondary schools across the Greater London area. Two new school programmes are launching this week: for 90 vulnerable pupils in one school and to a cohort of senior teachers responsible for supporting at-risk students in another.

On the back of this rapidly expanding delivery, the evidence base is fast emerging as the iheart trustees and management increase its commitment to researching the impact of the programme. Initial results, independently analysed and validated by Teradata, the global analytics firm, evidence a statistically significant increase in the resilience and wellbeing of participants. Moreover, 100% of University students who recently participated in the programme say they would recommend the course to a friend, while 70% of participants noticed a positive change in themselves as a result of the programme.

The pioneering 10-session iheart curriculum has been extremely well-received by organisational leaders and senior teachers. Zia Brooks, Assistant Head-teacher at Langley Park School for Boys, rated it one of the best she has come across in her 25 years of experience as an educational leader supporting students’ mental health: “iheart has been thoughtfully designed to appeal to and inspire adolescents and teenagers, and I wholeheartedly believe it has the potential to make a significant improvement in encouraging these young people to uncover their innate resilience and wellbeing.”

Realising specific emotional, behavioural and social outcomes for young people is core to iheart’s mission. iheart CEO, Brian Rubenstein, explained how the programme is generating important outcomes such as reduction in panic attacks, significantly reduced violent behaviour, and a far greater confidence to navigate bullying and other social challenges. What is particularly noteworthy, Brian conveys, “is that we are seeing these changes despite a very low level of intervention from a cost and time perspective – participants usually receive a weekly 50 minute session for 10 weeks whilst being part of a group of 25 peers – and they are still experiencing profound and lasting change!”

iheart’s vision is a step-change in how young people perceive their mental health and wellbeing, empowering them to become resilient adults and contributing members of society. As one unified non-profit organisation dedicated to improving mental health and increasing resilience for our children and in our schools, communities and across society, iheart is looking forward to continuing to expand the impact of this incredibly important work, so that, in time, this step-change can indeed become a reality.

If you would like to learn more about what iheart is doing or if you want to get involved yourself, please contact Joanna@iheartprinciples.com or go to www.iheartprinciples.com

26 November 2018

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