Academy Training in Spain

We have just completed our first iheart Academy (Level 1) Facilitator Training Course in Costa Blanca, Spain.

Over the course of four hard-working days, participants were taken through the iheart curriculum – session by session – as if they were the students. Each session was followed by a debrief and an opportunity to ask questions and reflect on personal insights. In a month’s time, participants will return for two further Practicum days, when they will deliver curriculum lessons in front of their peers and the iheart faculty. They are then awarded their certification and are equipped to share the ground-breaking iheart programme with young people in schools and other educational settings.

Please read on for an email we received from one of the participants immediately following the Costa Blanca training.

Dear Terry,
You lied to us.

You told us that we would work hard in Spain. You didn’t tell us we’d thoroughly enjoy every minute of it and listen to John and Debbie in awe as they led us through the beautiful iheart curriculum.

You told us that we would be exhausted by the end of it. You didn’t tell us that it would be happy and welcomed exhaustion and that it would be accompanied by a sense of freedom, such as I never experienced before.

You told us it wouldn’t be a retreat. Then how come my soul is so refreshed this morning and how come something tells me that the knowledge we gained is not transitory, as the thoughts that pass by every second?

I am so grateful and feel so blessed at having crossed paths with iheart. I sincerely wish our paths never diverge again!

Thank you for creating the iheart curriculum.

Thank you for giving hope to so many people.

Thank you for putting me back in touch with my divine nature.

Rosanne de Giorgio


20 January 2020

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