Mental Wellness Training for 450 Staff Members

The mental health crisis enveloping our society, and particularly our young people, is increasing significantly due to COVID-19. Many schools are finding that the disruption to the traditional classroom moving to a digital platform is increasing the anxiety and stress levels in both teachers and students. In part-response to these challenges, Pontefract Academies has launched the iheart wellbeing school strategy to cover the 8 schools within the Trust, which will impact over 3700 children and 450 teachers and staff members.

Mr. Julian Appleyard, OBE, CEO of Pontefract Academies Trust shares, “As a Trust of schools, we believe that developing an overarching, sustainable culture of wellbeing and resilience is crucial for supporting pupils and staff to be the best they can be by implementing the iheart programme.”

Recognising the current situation, Pontefract Academies Trust is taking the initiative through implementing innovative solutions to support their students and teachers during these unprecedented times. Partnering with iheart, the London-based educational charity that supports young people, a Trust-wide transformative approach is being rolled-out based on iheart’s core belief “we have everything we need inside of us”, with a unique focus on mental wellness, resilience and prevention through education.

The first stage of the iheart programme supports the wellbeing and resilience for the educational team with an 8-session foundational course offered online. Course Overview

The CEO of iheart, Mr. Brian Rubenstein, confirms that “partnering with Pontefract Academies will make a lasting difference in preparing educational teams and students for the ‘new normal’ by implementing a holistic, sustainable wellbeing strategy for the entire Trust.”

The iheart programme is successfully helping uncover the innate wellbeing and resilience within us all, regardless of the circumstances, and has already impacted over 5000 young people in over 100 schools, across the UK and internationally. The wellbeing and resilience project for Pontefract Academies Trust will contribute to the wider research initiative that provides efficacy of the iheart programme

More information about Pontefract Academies Trust can be seen here

30 June 2020

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