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Study: iheart proves successful during Covid-19


iheart is delighted to announce the publication of an academic paper in the prestigious Journal of Public Mental Health. “Evaluation of the iheart mental health education programme on resilience and wellbeing of UK secondary school adolescents” was co-authored by leading academics Professors Anthony Kessel and Thomas Kelley, and Doctors Andrew Solomon and Rosalyn Collings, with assistance and input from Charlotte Monnickendam and Brian Rubenstein.

The purpose of this paper is to present the findings of a preliminary study conducted two years ago based on the iheart Programme for Young People to a cohort of secondary school pupils from across several schools in the UK. The study observed that taken together, the quantitative and qualitative results are highly encouraging, highlighting how key mental wellbeing indicators such as impulse control and emotional resilience provided positive findings. The paper concluded that “iheart may be a promising new intervention offering a step change in mental health education for improving resilience, mental wellbeing and the ability for participants to navigate psychological challenges.”

It is our hope that this paper will lead to further studies which provide more precise outcomes and in-depth analysis of the efficacy of iheart’s work with young people, which has evolved significantly since this initial study was conducted. Developing partnerships with leading research institutions such as The Anna Freud Centre and CORC (Child Outcomes Research Consortium) demonstrate our significant commitment to continue to build a meaningful, sustainable evidence base for our work.

Impact & Outcomes Framework

The iheart Outcomes and Impact Framework anticipates the following key areas of improvement for young people:

  • Mental Health
  • Resilience
  • Behaviour
  • Relationships
  • Motivation

Case Study

We continue to demonstrate impact through delivery of the iheart Schools Programme to young people as evidenced by the following recent results.

90 pupils, Year 6:

  • 100% noticed a change in themselves post programme
  • 99% would recommend the programme to a friend
  • 11% to 3% decrease in negative classroom behaviours

192 pupils, Years 6-9:

1 out of 2 are better able to:

  • deal with feeling lonely
  • deal with being bullied
  • deal with problems
  • deal with feeling depressed

Social, Emotional & Mental Health School, Year 10:

  • 55% reduction in fixed term exclusions
  • 59% reduction in days of education lost through exclusion
  • 75% are on track/exceeding expected attainment progress

‘I watched a child de-escalate from the point of violence because of the ‘Power of Thought’ lesson. A remarkable breakthrough..’

Jamie Rogers, Head  Teacher, Primary School

Primary Schools

"One day I was screaming at my brother and then I realised that everything come from thought then I said sorry to him"

"Now that I know this, my life has changed madly"

"I am less worried and more confident"

"My personality has changed, and now I know that when I'm sad it's my thought"

"I used to worry about exams a lot but now I don't worry a much as I used to because of iheart"

"In the past I felt like I can't pick myself back up. But now I feel like I can face any challenge"

"The family nature and values of iheart stand out a mile away. And the staff feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the teachers stating it is a great start to their week – not just for the children!"

“At times, whilst observing, I got goosebumps when I saw:

A young girl, who I have not heard speak to an adult in over a year, give a profound response on why bullies do not define who you are.

A class of children who could barely hold a conversation with a teacher, have a 45 minute debate with on Nelson Mandela

One of the most behaviourally challenging pupils I have taught unexpectedly de-escalated from the point of violence because of the lessons he had learned on the ‘Power of Thought’. This was a remarkable breakthrough.”

J. Rogers Headteacher, Primary School

‘I am staggered by the positive results we got with this intervention.’

Ben Jones, Assistant Head Teacher, Langley Park School for Boys

“It is abundantly clear to me the impact that this project will have on our young people. Understanding where our feelings come from and what they mean, which lies at the core of the iheart curriculum, empowers us to decide how we feel about ourselves and our lives.

This is the source of our mental wellness. What greater gift can we give our children?”

K. Miller, Advisory Teacher for Autism and former School Inclusion Manager

Secondary Schools

Here is what school leaders and teachers who have already worked with our programme, have said so far:

“I believe every single school should be taking part in iheart. It helps equip young people as well as the staff that are trained to deliver the iheart programme.”

Arron Poole, Head of History, Christ’s College Finchley

“I would recommend this course as it gives a greater understanding as to why we behave the way we do and how to better support ourselves and our students.”

D. McCrobie, Harris Beckenham

“The course improved my own understanding of thoughts and how powerful it can be – if only everyone knew this.”

E. McDermitt, Langley Girls

“I would recommend this course for teacher to be aware of their own resilience and it will also allow them to be better problem solvers and help with conflict resolution.”

E. Snell, Langley Boys

“Good resources, excellent way of thinking – I totally love it. Everyone should do it! It would benefit all teachers and students too”

L. Bicknell

“I am so happy that my daughter is feeling well. She now knows how to challenge her own thoughts if she gets stuck on something unpleasant. This was such a huge help. She said every young person should be offered this as soon as they are admitted to the mental health services.”


‘The uplifting work iheart does, fills the necessary need of building resilience and wellbeing amongst our students.’

Sylvie Bacquet, Senior Lecturer, Westminster Law School

Study: iheart proves successful during Covid-19

Evaluation of the iheart mental health education programme on resilience and wellbeing of UK secondary school adolescents – Journal of Public Medical Health

impact and evidence report September 2020

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