The iheart Plus membership is a unique pathway to realising your innate resilience and wellbeing. With engaging webinars, short, impactful courses, access to our extensive video library and the support of a personal mentor, you will deepen your learning and understanding of the principles behind the iheart approach and will see the direct and practical benefits of this approach in your life.

“My IHPlus membership has become an invaluable ‘go-to’ for me to deepen and expand my understanding. The range of outstanding speakers and topics they cover, the events and networking opportunities are just absolutely priceless. I love the way IHPlus membership is set up as a progressive and continuous learning journey with new and fresh elements added all the time. Would I recommend it? Absolutely!”

Maren, IHPlus & IHA

“As soon as I was aware that iheart offered an online portal, accessible 24-hours a day, from anywhere in the world I was hooked! My IHPlus membership has accompanied me everywhere on my travels, allowing me to attend webinars and seminars, to revisit events I loved the first time around and yet hear new words of wisdom – coming away nourished and encouraged. IHPlus membership has also allowed me to create new friendships worldwide, share my trials and help me shed old habits that have to be ‘outgrown’ like a snake’s old skin! I have encouraged several friends to join me in fact and all have thanked me for it. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to the wonderful team that has put this together and continues to add new content at a rate that is hard to keep up with…!”

Mary, IHPlus Member

One-to-Ones and Intensives

Some people like to learn in groups. Some like to learn online. And some like to sit face-to-face with an experienced practitioner to address their own “stuff” in their own time and their own way.

Whatever you are struggling with – relationships, stress, anxiety, burn-out, depression, parenting, bereavement or challenging life situations – our one-to-one sessions and 3 or 4-day intensive experiences provide an excellent opportunity for deep, transformational learning with an emphasis on integrating the iheart understanding into your everyday life.

Become a Facilitator

Are you inspired to help solve the mental health crisis in our youth?

You can make a difference. You can make an impact. The upcoming iheart facilitator training will enable you to deliver a revolutionary programme, shifting how young people understand their innate resilience in the context of the many issues such as bullying, social media, self-image, relationships, addictions, anger and learning and motivation.

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