What we do

We support young people, parents, schools and educators by providing a range of specialised courses and programmes on mental health education, resilience and wellbeing for:

Young People & Children, through delivering:

  • The 10-session iheart Curriculum, a preventative educational programme delivered in schools, universities and other youth settings
  • Subsidised one-to-one sessions for follow-up learning and to address individual issues

Teachers & School Staff, through delivering:

  • Our 8-session Wellbeing & Resilience Foundation Course for Teachers/Staff
  • Our 10-session advanced certification course to teach the iheart Curriculum to students

Schools & Senior Leaders, through offering:

  • A bespoke Whole School Wellbeing Strategy for individual trusts/schools, including one-to-one coaching for senior leaders and leadership team orientation in the iheart approach
  • Resources, materials and initiatives to embed resilience and wellbeing across whole school environments 

Facilitators & Youth Workers, through providing: 

  • Our 4-module training course to gain certification in delivery of the iheart Curriculum for Young People
  • Ongoing learning and progression within the iheart Academy by developing knowledge and skills to share our paradigm-shifting approach in mental health and resilience education

Parents & Families, through offering:

  • One-to-one sessions for parents/carers
  • Online parenting workshops, webinars and conferences

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The iheart framework

At iheart, we focus on:

RE-EDUCATING youth about their mental health & wellbeing.

  • We want young people (everyone really, but we focus on youth) to understand that they are WHOLE, WELL and RESILIENT. In recent years, society has re-cast normal negative emotions like disquiet, distress and discomfort as mental illness. There is also an expectation that we should feel good and tranquil all the time. When we don’t, we become convinced we have a ‘mental health problem’. This reinforces the belief that we are deficient, lack resilience and wellbeing. Our focus on innate wellbeing challenges these beliefs.

REDEFINING mental health.

  • We believe mental health is KNOWING there will be moments when we will NOT experience our wellbeing, but NEVER doubting it is within. This is the difference between feeling hopeful and feeling hopeless.

UNCOVERING wellbeing.

  • Not installing it. Nor building it. iheart explains that wellbeing is innate to the human psychological system. It’s like a factory setting. In fact, it’s already there, our natural setting. It doesn’t need to be acquired, achieved, practised, developed or installed.

NORMALISING the human experience.

  • No one is going to experience their wellbeing 24/7. That’s just life. We want our youth to understand that wellbeing ALWAYS resides within them, EVEN when they are not experiencing it. Sure, we want them to experience their wellbeing more of the time, but we believe that it is equally important that young people appreciate that wellbeing is within them, EVEN when they are not experiencing it.

EMPOWERING young people.

  • We encourage them to explore WHY their wellbeing is covered up and HOW they can uncover it again. We do NOT teach them to wait until it passes. We show them that they have the resilience to manage setbacks and overcome adversity.

PROVIDING youth with an instruction manual for life.

  • We explain WHY they think, feel and behave the way they do. They develop a roadmap to navigate their journey through life. It comes complete with signposts, a compass and a North Star!

Our approach

We implement the iheart framework by exploring how:

Wellbeing is BUILT INTO each and every one of us.

This means it is NOT conditional, dependent on or attached to factors like genetics, acquisitions, achievements or requirements being met. No one and no thing can give us wellbeing. No one and no thing can take it away from us. It resides within ALL of us, ALL of the time.

Wellbeing CAN be covered up, but it CANNOT be damaged, lost, broken or stolen.

This is vital to know because everyone’s wellbeing WILL be covered up at times such that they do not experience it. When this happens, they will feel non-resilient. They might even fear it has gone. Understanding that wellbeing is still there EVEN when it is covered up, is key to someone remaining hopeful in challenging times.

Our wellbeing WILL be covered up from time to time.

We explain precisely WHY this happens. We all have moments where it REALLY does seem like someone or something can take our wellbeing away. In these moments, we will feel stuck, insecure and anxious. We have outsourced our wellbeing. These are the ‘clouds’ that cover up our wellbeing.

Our wellbeing is covered up by ‘clouds’.

These are the things we outsource our wellbeing to. Things like: What if I fail? Am I good enough? Do I look ok? Am I meeting everyone’s expectations? What must I do to get your approval? I need you to think I’m ok in order to be ok!

We can help lift the ‘clouds’.

We explain EXACTLY what it is that lifts the ‘clouds’ so that we can experience more of our innate wellbeing. We then make wise, appropriate and responsive choices. People who are content and secure always do.

It is NORMAL to experience the full range of human emotions.

EVERY single person (no exceptions!) has moments of sunshine, moments of grey skies and everything in between. When the ‘sun of wellbeing’ is covered up, we do NOT need to worry that there is something wrong with us. We know WHY it’s covered up, HOW it gets uncovered again and that we are NOT LACKING in any way. MENTAL HEALTH is knowing that there will be moments where we DO NOT experience our wellbeing, but NEVER doubting it is within.

We will ALL be ‘on track’ and ‘off track’ at various times.

On track is when we feel secure. Off track is when we don’t. The good news is that there are SIGNPOSTS (or clues) that will let us know how we are doing, a COMPASS that redirects us toward wellbeing. Most important is the UNSHAKEABLE belief that whether we experience our wellbeing or not, we have EVERYTHING we need already inside of us.

Why this matters

iheart explains that mental health and mental wellbeing is innate. Knowing it is available to all people, is:

LIBERATING. Young people are excited to discover that they are whole and well. Nothing is wrong with them.

HOPEFUL. Young people discover that they have everything they need inside of them. This gives them the confidence to achieve their potential and overcome setbacks.

EMPOWERING. Young people gain the knowledge and skills to navigate their journey through life. No doubt, they will make detours, but they can get back on track!


Dana Arenson
Chair of Trustees

Having graduated with a law degree from the University of Cape Town and become a mother to four wonderful children, Dana went on to immerse herself in learning about the revolutionary understanding of how the mind works which is the basis for the iheart approach. Inspired by the immense transformational potential of this work, Dana set about co-creating, with Terry Rubenstein, the iheart curriculum for young people. And if you like the name iheart – Innate Health Education and Resilience Training – you can credit Dana; it was her idea!

Professor Anthony Kessel

Anthony, a public health physician, academic and author, is currently Clinical Director (National Clinical Policy) at NHS HQ, Senior Public Health Advisor to the Football Association (FA), and a consultant advisor to the World Health Organisation. Anthony previously worked for ten years as Director of Global Public Health at Public Health England and National Director of Public Health Strategy at the Health Protection Agency. Academically, Anthony is an Honorary Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and has authored over 100 publications in areas of public health and the medical humanities. He is also a children’s fiction author and The Five Clues, first in his new ‘Don’t Doubt the Rainbow’ detective series which will be published by Crown House in July 2021, features a theme of psychological wellbeing and resilience in children threaded throughout.

Ila Garner-Patel

After 15 years in GSK and other major pharma companies, developing and implementing commercial strategies on a local, regional and global scale, Ila co-founded Brand(x), a London based consultancy and communications agency. Having led the business to significant growth until its sale in 2018, Ila has since founded two further consulting companies supporting the pharmaceutical industry and currently works as an executive coach mentoring senior leaders, while also serving as a non-exec chairman. Ila’s commercial and organisational expertise and experience plays a key role in guiding iheart’s strategic direction and implementation of our vision.

Julian Bull

Chief Commercial Officer at Endava, Julian was one of a very small team of people who over the course of twenty years, helped steer Endava into becoming a global public technology company employing 6500 people. With the experience of a career that has taken on a series of senior sales, marketing and business development roles focusing on IT across a number of industry sectors, Julian brings invaluable expertise to helping iheart navigate its own growth and technological development. Alongside his wife Jacqui – a certified iheart facilitator – Julian has been inspired to help share the iheart message which has deeply touched his own family.

Leonie Osborne

An Education, Research and Development Consultant, Leonie is a retired – but not tired Headteacher. Her lifetime of experience of teaching and leadership in primary and early years included, as National Leader of Education, supporting school improvement in many primaries and setting up and directing a National Teaching School EYELA – Early Years Excellence Learning Alliance. Leonie’s vast knowledge of the educational field has been crucial in advising iheart on curriculum development, Ofsted requirements, school leader priorities, teaching practises and pupils’ needs.


Allan Fisher

One of the founding fathers of the health club industry, Allan has established over 100 health clubs globally since opening the first Holmes Place in South London in 1980, which he served as CEO for almost 25 years, including overseeing its listing as a public company in 1997. Having been on the board of several start-ups and large charities, Allan’s enthusiasm for creating aspirational brands, company cultures and organisations achieving significant value while retaining their own unique values, is as contagious as his appreciation of excellent wine. As a mentor and advisor to the iheart leadership team, Allan offers a unique blend of organisational experience, commercial knowhow and personal commitment to supporting innovative non-profits.

Dr Andrew Solomon

A Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology at East and North Herts NHS, Andrew initially trained at Oxford Medical School, graduating with distinction. He was a research fellow at the Royal Free Hospital/UCL leading to a doctorate in medicine and is currently the Clinical Audit Lead for a team of senior health professionals. Having been involved in medical research for a number of years, including multiple published papers and book chapters, Andrew provides essential expert input into our ongoing evaluation processes and research projects.

Arron Poole


A Teach First Ambassador, mental health and well-being champion, and advocate for educational reform, Arron is currently a Head of Department/Head of Year at a large secondary school in North London. Alongside being the school-lead for the iheart Programme, Arron’s pedagogical insights and experiences in working in other London inner and outer schools place him in a strong position to advise and support the implementation of iheart’s holistic educational vision. Having been inspired by and seen first-hand the impact of iheart, Arron believes that all students and teachers can benefit from the innovative curriculum.

Branwen Hywel

For the last twenty years, Branwen has, by choice, worked in inner city primary schools located within areas with high levels of deprivation. Starting as a teacher and culminating in a successful headship in a culturally diverse school with over 60% of children entitled to pupil premium, she has always sought to empower pupils and staff to be confident and fulfilled within the school’s learning community. Underpinned by a focus on the health and wellbeing of children, families and staff, Branwen’s leadership work contributes to developing happy, achieving and well-rounded young citizens of the future.

Giles Cohen

Giles is the senior partner of the London-based Chartered Accountancy firm, Numera Partners LLP, where he specialises in providing complex tax advice and structuring, accounts, audit, management consultancy and fund raising through venture capital and flotation. With thirty years of experience in adding value to clients’ businesses through helping to achieve growth, efficiency and profitability, Giles’ background and skills is of great benefit to iheart in terms of financial management, governance, complex-problem solving and future growth.

Kim Miller

An Advisory Teacher for Autism at London Borough of Barnet, Kim has worked as a teacher, SenCo and wellbeing specialist for children and teenagers with special educational needs for the past 17 years. She has extensive experience in primary school education and was part of senior leadership in school for many years. Kim’s knowledge, expertise and experience in providing support for children and families is of great benefit to ihearts’s holistic approach to improving young people’s wellbeing, as is her past work as an Inclusion Manager working with pupils with SEN, EAL and Pupil Premium.

Matthew Lindsay

Matthew has been a partner in a City law firm for over 20 years specialising in banking and finance work, and has also sat on the management board of an international legal practice. Having served as a trustee of a number of charities in the youth and education sector, Matthew offers significant experience and knowledge to iheart, both as a legal expert and from a governance perspective.

Michael Cohen

An education consultant, leadership coach and certified iheart facilitator who leads professional development in schools and corporate settings, Michael has held numerous leadership posts during his 25 years of involvement in education, both in the UK and overseas. In focussing on communication and self-empowerment, Michael believes that in addition to supporting students with the necessary skills and experiences to become confident and independent learners, the job of an educator is to develop the student’s core skills that will prepare them to enter the big wide world and support their emotional wellbeing.

Peggy Jhugroo

For over 35 years Peggy has worked in local government specialising in working with hard to reach communities, young people and their families. She previously led on mental health within Wandsworth Integrated Youth Service and has managed multiple teams including Ending Gangs and Youth Violence, Borough Early Intervention Team, Teenage Parents, and Prevention from Extremism. Peggy currently manages Wandsworth’s Targeted Youth Service teams and has recently been commissioned by a Croydon Pupil Referral Unit to deliver a whole school and family project underpinned by the iheart approach.

Ryan Rabinowitz

A senior Business Director at Ogilvy, one of the world’s most prestigious advertising agencies, Ryan is an award-winning executive with vast experience in the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Brand Stewardship, Media and PR. Having led accounts such as Audi, Caterpillar, IBM, Inmarsat and Rolls-Royce, Ryan’s expertise, passion and knowledge is of great value to iheart as we continue to expand our vision, footprint and impact.

Professor Tom Kelly

Professor Thomas Kelley, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the Department of Criminal Justice, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Tom has authored or co-authored over 70 peer-refereed journal articles, many of which explore cutting-edge approaches to addressing issues regarding resilience and mental health in children and adolescents. With the benefit of over 45 years of professional experience in this field, plus extensive knowledge of similar interventions in the USA and globally, Tom provides essential guidance and input towards the rigorous research and evaluation of the iheart Programme.

Toni Medcalf

Toni is the Founder and CEO of the Schools Counselling Partnership which specialises in providing a counselling service supporting children, schools and families. Moreover, as a qualified Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, who also serves as Attachment Lead for Ealing, Harrow & Tower Hamlets and as an advisory board member for BASE Babywatching, Toni offers great expertise and experience in how to integrate mental health support and solutions within school environments.

Jonny Wilks

Currently Head of Digital at Newton Investment Management, Jonny is a seasoned digital marketing leader with over 15 years of experience across digital transformation, strategy, tactical delivery and financial services. Armed with wide industry knowledge that includes having previously led digital functions at Investec and PIMCO, Jonny now brings that expertise to advising iheart on its fast-evolving digital strategy. Passionate about mental wellbeing with first-hand experience raising his four children, Jonny has been engaged with iheart’s mission from the early days and continues to offer support and guidance from near and far.

Our Ambassadors

We are delighted to announce that Hollywood Actor, Julian Lewis Jones, joins iheart as an official Ambassador

Ian Russell, Mental Health Campaigner, BBC Film & Television Director and Founder of the Molly Rose Foundation is now an official Ambassador for iheart

Watch this BBC interview with Glasgow Warriors’ & Scottish international rugby player, iheart Ambassador Adam Ashe, speaking about how his game – and life – has been turned inside-out by the iheart approach.


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Sandra Patterson
Operations Manager

Two of Sandra's big passions are iheart and business, and as Operations Manager at iheart Sandra has the delight of combining both on a daily basis. Sandra came to iheart with a background of 20 years self employment building business and in her role as a business mentor and Women's Enterprise Scotland ambassador, helping others build their own businesses too.

Eve Goldman
Social Media Manager

Having recently completed her Psychology BSc at Leeds University, Eve is now bringing her energy and passion to iheart's marketing and communications efforts. Her recent experience within the mental health field includes her role as a Listening and Support Worker for the student helpline ‘Nightline’, as a response volunteer at UCLH during COVID-19 and gaining clinical experience within a CAMHS Eating Disorder unit. Eve’s commitment to empower young people is demonstrated through the current training she is undertaking to be a Certified Facilitator with iheart.

Alex Lyons
Digital Coordinator 

Alex joined the iheart team in 2017 to expand and oversee our digital platforms. He originally began in our London office but then settled in Israel where he now works remotely while also pursuing his studies in Jewish law, ethics and philosophy.  He brings a broad range of experience from his previous endeavours which include teaching and managing in a contemporary art centre in Uganda, overseeing a learning management system for a London-based private tutoring agency, as well as working on numerous documentaries and video productions.

Imogen Rampton
Facilitator and Projects Administrator

A recent graduate of the University of Bristol with a BA in English, Imogen is one of a growing number of young people involved in helping to deliver iheart’s mission, which she achieves through facilitating programmes and by supporting the administration of key projects. Imogen found that iheart’s unique approach greatly resonated at a personal level, which led to her decision to train to be a certified facilitator. As someone who cares deeply about mental health, she is determined to help share this life-changing understanding with as many young people as she can.

Marie Luecci
iheart Scotland

Fluent in Italian and Spanish, spoken of course with a strong Scottish lilt, Marie’s long and varied career in education has enabled her to deliver numerous continuing professional development programmes throughout all educational sectors at home and abroad. She also advises on curriculum content and design to national bodies and has always been deeply passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of young people. Marie now uses her skills and experience to support the development of new materials to further support iheart’s innovative curriculum.

Karen Auld
iheart Scotland

A highly experienced Learning and Talent Development Consultant, Karen is also a qualified facilitator and coach who has dedicated her career to enabling individuals and teams to be their very best selves. Her quest to understand the true source of human potential, performance and wellbeing has led her to iheart and in collaboration with her iheart colleagues in Scotland, Karen combines many years of experience in commerce, operations and programme delivery to bringing the iheart vision to fruition.

Babs Shearer
iheart Scotland

An engineer by first profession, Babs soon discovered her passion for education and subsequently spent the past twenty years educating young people through her own tuition business. While she has also trained as a counsellor and an academic life coach, it is her openness to explore the human experience that allows her to touch people’s lives through sharing the iheart programme. When she isn’t engaged in teaching iheart in Scotland, she can be found nipping out for a cheeky coffee or walking her naughty Tibetan Terrier.

DR. Cari Leyshon, DBA
Head of Partnerships & Special Projects

An international marketing consultant with over thirty years of business experience in multiple industries, Cari has worked with numerous companies across the world, successfully creating and implementing business development plans integrated with an action research approach. Having helped to implement social initiatives in the education, broadcast media and technology sectors, Cari now brings her expertise to helping iheart convey our core message to a broad range of stakeholders.

Heather Casselman
Chief Integration Officer

Having trained as an iheart facilitator, Heather plays a crucial role on the iheart leadership team, providing invaluable organisational, operational and product development expertise. She was most recently chief strategy officer for a technology company and has a deep background in customer experience, product development and programme management with corporate clients such as Amazon, Microsoft and Getty Images, and in the non-profit and civic sector with the National Endowment for the Arts, San Diego, and the Washington DC Public Library. Heather and her two teenage daughters live and fly the iheart flag in Seattle, USA.

Megan Rosenberg
Office Manager

Our multilingual, highly skilled administrator, Megan brings significant experience in a variety of commercial environments to the day-to-day running of our (very busy!) iheart office. Responsible for facilities management, finance and general operations, Megan is driven by a real passion for the iheart vision and striving to create an environment in which the organisation can thrive.

Charlotta Lynch

Based in Raasepori, Finland, Charlotta has a deep interest in the human mind, philosophy and language (she speaks seven of them!), and combined with her background in healing, coaching, counselling, and teaching, she has dedicated herself to find ways of empowering people to tap into their innate resilience and potential. Charlotta is also leading the charge for teaching iheart programmes in the Nordics, where she is rapidly catalysing meaningful change for many young people in that part of the world.

Fiona D'Arcy

A consultant, coach and facilitator with an MSc and over 20 years’ experience in the field of learning, leadership, organisation and talent development, Fiona has worked across a wide breadth of industries and organisations, both in the UK and internationally. Having previously shared the iheart approach with teachers, social workers and senior clinicians, teaching the iheart Curriculum to young people in schools is a natural extension of her work, skills and passion.

Christine Friend

Christine has spent much of her working life helping children struggling to fit into mainstream education, homeless teens as they develop into independent young adults, and facilitating adult learners to manage their transition to parenthood. Having trained as a teacher and received her Dip Ed, Christine was always searching for better ways to aid the transformation of her students’ mental wellbeing. Upon discovering the rigour and simplicity of the iheart approach, she was therefore naturally inspired to share this understanding with as many young people as possible.

Sonia Grant
Lead, iheart Scotland

A passionate educator, trainer and facilitator with over 30 years’ experience working in education, Sonia plays a key role in leading iheart’s work in Scotland.  Having previously held senior pastoral care roles working with behavioural and additional support needs for children, Sonia also worked as a National Trainer for Sportscotland. An avid golf player, Sonia challenges anyone to a wee game on one of Scotland’s many bonnie courses, when she and her Scottish colleagues are taking a short break from fulfilling the vision of taking iheart into as many schools as possible.

Catherine Kienwald
Resources Administrator

Before coming aboard as iheart’s Resources Administrator, Catherine’s career involved substantial stints in magazine publishing, marketing and education. Caring and creative, Catherine is passionate about mental health and is committed to helping people live their best lives.

Ruth Wagner
Academy Manager

Having always had a passion for working with and supporting people, Ruth was excited to discover how much the iheart approach resonated with her when she came across it a number of years ago. Having worked in a number of charities over the years, she brings great experience of the non-profit sector and an extremely practical, down to earth mindset to managing the day-to-day to work environment which is iheart. In her spare time, Ruth is also an iheart practitioner as well as a wife and mother to four children (five if you include the husband!)

John Scott
Creative Director, Trainer & Senior Facilitator

A former creative director in the design and branding industry, John’s passion for communicating ideas through the visual arts prompted his involvement with a number of illustration and animation projects aimed at educating children about their innate health and resilience. Through these projects, John found himself teaching resilience in schools and academies, where, encouraged by the wise young minds that inhabited the classrooms, he realised exactly what all of those design presentations to company board members in his previous career had been preparing him for. “How marvellous!” he thought, without looking back.

Brian Rubenstein

Holding an MBA from Cass Business School and a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy, Brian spent over a decade in senior roles in the non-profit sector and also worked for a number of years as a consultant at a FTSE 100 financial institution in the City of London. This background prepared him well for the task of launching and driving the rapid expansion of a charity dedicated to achieving transformative change in the field of mental health and resilience. And then there is Brian’s passion for writing: he has authored or co-authored five published books, including Escaping the Illusion, a novel for teenagers about discovering the true superpower that exists within us all, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Together with Terry, they are the joint parents of six sons – one for each London Marathon he has completed!

Stacey Levine
Co-Head, Beyond Programme & Senior Facilitator

A licensed clinical psychologist, Stacey worked for many years in both the psychiatric and private settings. But having always felt there was something missing within the mental health field, Stacey trained extensively in the iheart approach, which prompted her transition to working with individuals and groups in a wholly different way.

Shoshanah Kahan
Head of One-to-One Services & Senior Facilitator

With a strong background in bereavement counselling and adult education, Shoshanah long ago embraced the more intuitive and fundamental understanding of human beings which is reflective of the iheart approach. She subsequently incorporated this approach into all her individual client and educational work, seeing remarkable and sustainable results professionally, as well as in her personal life. A (young) grandmother a few times over, Shoshanah brings much needed wisdom, maturity and sensibility to the iheart senior team.

Joanna Gilbert
Marketing Manager

Having come from a background in marketing and the arts. Joanna is heading up the marketing and brand development of iheart. She is a creative thinker who is passionate about educating people into being resilient contributors to society. She has recently completed a MA in Fine Arts where she was awarded a distinction.

Debbie Fisher
Trainer & Senior Facilitator

Having entered the teaching profession as a modern languages teacher in secondary schools before specialising in language learning difficulties, Debbie has been involved in the development and delivery of the iheart curriculum from the outset. A founding trustee of HEART, Debbie is hugely passionate about making the programme available to any school or institution interested in developing the resilience and wellbeing of their staff and students. During term time, when her two sons are both away at university, the family dog does his best to keep any signs of empty nest syndrome at bay.

Naomi Fisch
Head of Development and Fundraising

Naomi has had a long and varied career in the non-profit and corporate sectors. Previously Director of Development at JW3 where she helped grow a large cross-cultural community organisation by devising and executing an effective and sustainable fund-raising strategy, Naomi has also consulted to the Natural History Museum and other prominent clients in similar ways. Armed with a passion to support young people’s mental health education and community building, Naomi’s experience and expertise in stakeholder engagement, communications and development is key to helping iheart achieve it broader vision.

Katherine Chidiac
Curriculum Creative Designer and Facilitator

Katherine Chidiac (Ba Hons, MA) is a creative director and designer committed to developing language that speaks to the eternal within us all. Superbly talented in visually communicating the principles of resilience and innate health to a wider audience, Katherine was involved from the outset in shaping the creative and graphic design of the iheart curriculum. Having gone on to train as a facilitator, she now shares the joy and freedom of the iheart approach with young people in primary, secondary and university settings.

Jeremy Bogush

Before his successful exit from the company he co-founded, Jeremy (Jez) was head of an international recruitment business which grew into a highly successful operation with multiple offices and a multi-million pound turnover. Having worked with clients across the globe, including Facebook, Sainsburys, Sky and many innovative start-ups, Jeremy has had significant exposure to a wide variety of sectors and is highly experienced in strategy, infrastructure development, organisational structure and leadership. He has now turned his professional focus and immense energy towards helping iheart realise its vision of a step-change in how society, organisations and individuals can achieve their potential and realise their innate resilience and capacity for extraordinary performance.

Zia Brooks
Head of Schools

A former Assistant Headteacher, Zia taught for over 25 years in large secondary schools and held several significant leadership roles in the field of education. Bringing great experience and expertise to her role as iheart’s Teacher Training Lead, Zia is driving iheart’s delivery of programmes that focus on teacher resilience and wellbeing, a crucial area of need within the educational system.

Terry Rubenstein
iheart Founder & Head of Education

Terry is the  founder of iheart and the co-author of the innovative iheart curriculum. She has, for over a decade and a half, taught and impacted countless people through her uplifting training seminars, writings and online talks. Terry is the author of the ground-breaking Amazon.com bestseller, EXQUISITE MIND – How a New Paradigm Transformed My Life and is Sweeping the World, a book that tells the true story of her journey from years of suffering to mental wellness, as well as The Peach Who Thought She Had to Become a Coconut, a series of essays on innate resilience. In her “spare time”, Terry is a mother to six beautiful boys and has two exceptionally special daughters in law and a grandson who lights up her life!